• Handling systems;
• Glue stations;
• Paper rolls transport systems;
• Waste handling systems;
• Shredders;

Automation of in-plant corrugated cardboard transport holds enormous potential for increasing the efficiency of production and transforming cardboard. With ROBERTT as your intralogistics partner, you can exploit the full potential by bringing technical intelligence to your processes.

Develop intralogistic conveyor system with ROBERTT that allows your employees to focus on adding value to your products from cardboard. We knowledge that all production environments have differences. Limitations in space and material flow to name just two. Therefore, every transport system conveyor we create is uniquely designed to fit your needs. By combining ROBERTT intralogistics conveyor system modules with roller and belt conveyors, complete transport systems, designed individually according to the customer’s requirements, are obtained to ensure the internal material flow.

A conveyor system can only be turned into an integrated overall system if various modules are combined. These include modules for conveying, collecting and distributing the material to be conveyed. Further elements to ensure safety and carry out the necessary maintenance.

Our solution for automated cardboard transport: automated systems conveyors that intelligently link incoming goods, production, storage and shipping.

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